Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof
Hideaway Bivy Ultralight Bivy Sack   AquaQuest Waterproof

Hideaway Bivy

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The stealthy Hideaway rides low to the ground and light in your pack. While compact, it is feature-rich with a TPU window, mesh inner door, and vented headspace. A rapid set-up time and small footprint means that this shelter beats most single-person tents for ease and range of use. Pitches using a single shock-cord pole and 5 stakes; stuff sack included.

With a waterproof rating of 10,000 mm, the Hideaway can repel 5-times more hydrostatic pressure than the average tent fly.

The efficient single-wall design and limited hardware permits the Hideaway to compress into a highly portable package.

Site selection is simple due to the Hideaway's small footprint. It can be fully prepped to receive the weary adventurer after 2 minutes of straightforward set-up. 

70D nylon ripstop

70D nylon


10,000 mm

10,000 gr/m2/day

2.25 lbs.

1 shock-cord, 5 aluminum stakes

YKK zippers; No-see-um mesh inner door; Transparent flexible TPU window.



• Fits 1 user plus gear
• Small footprint & low profile
• Waterproof & breathable
• Mesh inner door
• Ventilated headroom

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Customer Reviews

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Jes√∫s S√°enz
great for hiking no extre weight and very

great for hikingno extre weight and very confortable

Jimi Cliff
Water Proof indeed

If you are a real down and dirty back pack travler, this will do what you need, yes it is sealed and will keep out water when it is sitting in it, good luck getting out of it when its sitting in water but thats just back country camping.

So many add ons others don't have!

First of all this bivy is much lighter and roomier than my goretex military one which is a definite plus. There is a lot more room than other bivy sacks especially in the head and shoulders. The single pole is light and offers a good deal of room for you to do things you couldn't in other bivy sacks. I could actually change my clothes in it without a problem. It is very easy to set up and takes about one minute. The zipper is of a high quality and goes down half way on BOTH sides making for easy entry and exit. It has a rain proof ventilation port next to the head reducing condensation and humidity. The zippers are covered preventing leaking and the fabric has yet to leak and I have used it in the rain without any problems. I did have a little condensation but less than other bivies it is important to understand with a small area it is pretty much a given depending on the temperature. There is also a window so you can see without going on out side while staying dry and not letting in the bugs. There are supports at the foot of the bivy to help lift the bottom adding to its shape and helping to keep you dry ( which it does!).make sure the zipper cover is in place during inclement weather. Bivies can be used in many ways but it is best to use them in tandem with a tarp in heavy rain though it is not required.I like hanging my single AAA flashlight from the zippers above my head for light and easy access and I keep my clothes at my head. There are more than enough areas for tent pegs ensuring that it will keep its shape in all kinds of weather. The tent pegs that come with it are light weight wise but of substantial strength so I will actually keep them and use them with this unlike many tent pegs that I end up needing to replace. There are three bags that come with it one for the whole setup one for the pole and one for the stakes so they won't damage one another while packed.Gear out here has fantastic customer service I received this in one day after ordering it. I received this item for testing and review for our scouts and plan on buying more since out of the ones I have tried it is my favorite.I am very impressed with this bivy and wish I had come across it sooner it packs like a bivy sack but almost has that tent feel to it and is no where near as stuffy as the other bivies I own. Also if it gets a little warm when it's raining you can just push up a few times and it acts like a pump forcing air in and out cooling it quickly and reducing the humidity.Most negative feedback I have seen is about condensation and I feel doesn't seam to relate to this product so much as any small shelter and think some people might not have experience with these type of shelters. If you live in a an area where condensation and ventilation are of a greater need. The west coast bivy has more ventilation than any others I have seen. Both of these are fantastic bivies and I highly recommend them.

Expat Mom
This bivy one of the best I have ever owned.

This tent is one of the best I have ever owned, mainly because it is just so easy to set up! Highly recommend !

more to come

camped at White Sands in New Mexico, temp dropped to 40ish, windy most of the night, bivy wouldn't hold it's shape, condensation about 4am, not severe but enough to dampen my outer bag