OMFG, I love this bag! I’ve taken it on several trips. A 3 day ( 40 mile ) canoe trip, Backpacking and climbing for a week in Squamish, and the list goes on. The straps are perfect for hiking with. They fit very comfortably.
Also, I love that I can carabiner whatever I want to the back. Climbing shoes, water bottles, ax, and what have you. As for Dry bags go, this was totally worth it. on my canoe trip, we hit a class 4 and was sunk as a result. the bag stayed afloat and kept everything inside dry…go figure , it does exactly what I bought it for
By Michael, Canada,  Sport 30

Got this as emergency bag in addition to the Box on the back of my bicycle here in NIreland.tested it in the bath – works is robust, Doubles as light backpack and as high viz on the back of the Bike or myself. It is one of them products you buy because you need them but then get used to, rely on and forget because they just work and thanks to the quality give you a good feeling. 20 years later they still are good enough to hand down to your son.. Perhaps 😉
By M. W. Baumann, UK, Mariner 20

I love this bag for just throwing anything in it. It’s strong and does the job. I use it all the time for holding my cloths on outdoor trips. The straps are strong as well.
By Michael, USA, Mariner 30

Just the right size. Not too big and definitely not too small. Very waterproof and great value. I work off shore so it’s a must to protect my stuff.
By R. Haddlesey, UK, Mariner 20

I’ve used this for several weeks worth of camping through a couple thunderstorms, it worked fantastic. very lightweight, easy to stuff into its sack, nylon loops are stitched on very nicely (the loop on top is a nice touch!), and underneath the tarp there are two extra layers of heat-sealed plastic right in the center, just where you’d want to use a stick to prop it up. When stuffed in its sack i’d say it takes about 2 liters.

Anonymus, USA, Sil Tarp

I used this bag on a multi-day kayak trip down the Bufall River in arkansas, and it kept all my gear dry. Awesome purchase.
P. Lindner, USA, Mariner 30

I purchased for my daughters boyfriend – He’s a windsurf instructor in Turkey & spends a lot of time on the water when he’s back at home in the UK. So i thought this would be a great Christmas present for him and i was right, he loves it. In the summer he can keep stuff dry in it & back home in the UK he can put wet gear in it rather than the back seat of his car. Well made & tough should last for years.
By A.S., UK, Mariner 20

I bought this product to keep my passport safe while in the D.R. It definitely does what its suppose too! i went swimming in the pool and the beach. passport, money and cellphone stayed dry as a bone.

Marcus Jenkins, Denmark, Aqua – Roo Money Belt

Many times when I go fishing or hunting I need to have my personal gear in one handy and dry place. When I need my wool shirt, down jacket or vest,suntan lotion, hunting knife, compass, and other personal gear, I know where it’s at and it’s dry, rain or shine.
By Geo, USA, Mariner 30

It’s super light, packs small and with the attached loops, has tons of mounting and opsition options. Perfect for hiking light or bugging out.

Shawn Rowe, Germany, Sil Tarp

Pretty good bag got delivered very fast
Mo, USA Sport 30

Just what I required ….. I was in Pattaya, Thailand for Songkran …… all day water fights, no water got in excellent & very light
by G. Forbes, UK, Money Belt

I got this to use on a family vacation to Florida and it rained almost the entire time we were down there. I used it to hold my credit cards, cash, car keys and my cell phone. Not only did this product keep everything insanely dry inside, I was also able to wear it underneath my clothing and conceal it for added security and piece of mind at extremely crowded theme parks. I highly recommend this product to anyone.
Matt, USA, Money Belt

I used this on my last trip to India. comfortable to wear easy to access. and when you have 20 interested locals all trying to see how much you have on your person there are separate pockets to keep your stuff in
By B. Payer, Wales, UK, Money Belt

I have been looking for just the right backpack/bag to build a bug-out-bag/camping/hiking bag. After reading the reviews for this bag, I ordered one. After having received it, I can not say enough good things about it! It is really well built, strong, and looks/feels durable enough to last me many years. Very spacious inside and when weighted and worn, there is plenty of padding for shoulder and hips.
S. Munger, USA, Sport 30

This is the best waterproof fannypack. The inside pocket is not very big, but was roomy enough to hold our rental car key, credit cards and money. Make sure to completely close the plastic baggie-type closure inside prior to turning down the velcro secure top.

Dannyboy, USA, Aqua – Roo Money Belt

I bought this pack strickly for biking.. It is comfortable to wear, light but sturdy, and repels water beautifully. I also like the fact that it has reflective material on the back to help cars approaching from behind see me. This is the perfect solution for getting my things to work without them getting wet.
Update: I can’t express how happy I am with this totally water proof pack. It is light, yet durable. I have used it multiple times in the Alps as a ski bag, and it will transition into my biking pack this spring. If you need a weatherproof bag for an active life style, this is your pack.
Jeff, Canada, Sport 30

Used this in our vacation, didnt want to leave our passports, money and dl on the public locker. It came with another ziplock waterproof type bag inside the bag, did not leak at all! Took it to the pools, beach even dive with this, all our stuffs completely dry not a drop of water inside.

Simily, Great Britain, Aqua – Roo Money Belt

I have used this bag on a daily basis for over a year.
I use it for work. I am outside everyday working on the Tappan Zee Bridge (a 3 mile long bridge crossing the Hudson River). I am on a boat everyday and outside in inclement weather. I have yet to completely submerge the bag, but it has stayed dry in rain and from the spray from waves crashing on the crew boats. It has been incredibly rugged and looks like it has barely been used. Other bags I have purchased have not stood up to the kind of abuse I put them through. I am incredibly impressed with this bag’s durability.

I would buy this bag again.
Dan W, USA, Sport 30

I have been using it lately to carry my cameras inside and going into muddy mangrove forests , it gives me a good peace of mind to know things are save in there, I tested it before and survived being dipped in water and lots of sprayed water. The D rings can be used to clip other items to the bag.
Xavier, Australia, Sport 30

I’ve used several different tarps in many testing environments and this has got to be the best of all. The quality of construction is second to none. A lot of thought has obviously gone into this deceptively simple tarp. It remains remarkably lightweight, despite its durable build. Highly recommended.
Dave, UK, Sil Tarp

Dollar for dollar the best tarp available to have . If you need a survival shelter tarp this is the Cadillac for a Toyota price . I saw a tarp listed for $300 that is close to this. Don’t wait for anything better, there isn’t.
James M., USA, Camo Tarp

We loved how light weight it was!

On this pack there was a handle on the front of the pack that made it easy to grab quickly off the numerous piles of other luggage and backpacks when it was being unloaded. It was also handy to carry in this duffel bag fashion when getting on a bus so that you wouldn’t have to try to get out of it on the bus to shove it in the above the seat space.
Kim W, Canada, Himal

I like gear that gets me thru the worst of times first and the best of times second. Since I DO NOT replace my gear every couple years and do not want to focus on how delicate I’m being with my gear each outing, this is the product for me.
Robe1Kanobe, Canada, Camo Tarp

recieved this tarp and was blown away by the quality of work…when i buy nylon tarps im worried about the strength of the fabric and stitching…this thing is alot thicker and stronger than my other nylon tarps…heavy…but what i gain in weight i get in strength…taped seams…double stitching….pocket corners…reinforced corners….lashing points everywhere….good stuff man dont hesitate to buy this….good bushcraft and hammock tarp…
gr81, USA, Camo Tarp

I was truly impressed with the excellent quality both in materials and workmanship of this waterproof dry bag. I am a kayaker and I also commute to my job everyday in all kinds of weather. This pack is built strong and dry and keeps my gear in perfectly dry condition even in strong downpours.

The pack is great looking too, very nicely designed with plenty of pockets for small items. Fast shipping was really nice as well!

I definitely recommend this product and the company, both are outstanding!

Rich P., Scotland, Stylin Backpack

Great for the slopes
Lightweight and comfortable . Great protection from the elements.
I recommend it without any reservations at all.
Mark Unterbach, Germany, Stylin Backpack

Wanted a bag to go on the roof of my car as I own a small one which is filled with people and dogs! wanted it to be large enough to be useful, small enough to be practical, and waterproof.
Ordered 2 of these bags as they had a crazy discount but was skeptical to say the least. Need not have worried they are great. Nice and easy to load as the top opens up completely and oh so easy to close and “lock-down”.
Bunged them on the top and away we went. These are great value and really top quality bags.
TeePee “Tomo” (UK),  Duffel 75

I have had this product for two months. I commute by bicycle, and I use a BOB trailer. The dry bag has held up very good. I have been in very heavy rain and my clothes have stayed dry.The dry bag has held up very well through daily use.
Swriver, USA, Mariner 20

Awesome bag
Very handy and totally waterproof
Carry camera equipment in it
Dan, Canada, Duffel 50

This is a great Tarp. It perfectly fits my Hammock and then some. Very waterproof. I was caught in a storm camping, and had this up in a few minutes. It is light, and strong. The 4 straps on each side, and the one on the top are a lot better than grommets. I will not buy a tarp from another manufacture.

Kevin Bellamy, Australia, Sil Tarp

Got this bag for a fishing trip. Used it for the entire week and no troubles at all. Glad to have purchased it and would certainly recommend to a friend.
SPR_GA , USA, Mariner 20

I find that this tarp/tent combination provides significantly more flexibility than a traditional tent/inner tent design. The bivy is great alone, in a hot summer night, if you have natural overhead cover. The tarp is also very useful alone. We’ve spent several nights outdoors just using the tarp, with decent space and cover for 2 adults and two children 9 and 12 years old. The combined tarp and bivy solution enables me to get full cover from the wind with minimal condensation issues. You have to play around a little with the tarp set up, but with a some practice, and a warm sleeping bag, this provides the optimum compromise between insulation, cover and condensation.
Ole Hauris Sørensen “Ole Hauris” (Copenhagen, Denmark), West Coast Combo

This bag works fantastic for me I love it. I use it for a cave bag and it keeps my equipment clean and dry. The quality seams as well made as a raft that is made from similar material. The back pack straps are wanting just a little but they work great. the 20L bag is close in size to a day pack single compartment. I have used it for about 6+ months and been in several caves and muddy places and all I gota do is squirt it with a hose and its all better I LOVE IT

Ava, Canada, Mariner 20

Wow! Great quality backpack, super design and packs away to nothing!
Candocald(Canada), Himal

Thank you for getting me the color I wanted the item in!
Paminta (Philippines), Activa Dry Bag

Excellent! Used it this weekend for survival training in the rain, no issues!
fqui4704, Canada West Coast Combo

This bag works fantastic for me I love it. I use it for a cave bag and it keeps my equipment clean and dry. The quality seams as well made as a raft that is made from similar material. The back pack straps are wanting just a little but they work great. the 20L bag is close in size to a day pack single compartment. I have used it for about 6+ months and been in several caves and muddy places and all I gota do is squirt it with a hose and its all better I LOVE IT

Craig, USA, Mariner 20

We bought this for a trip to Cancun and it worked great to keep things dry when snorkeling, swimming, zip lining etc.

Kid At Heart, Canada, Aqua – Roo Money Belt

This is a high quality product. I am a backpacker in the rainy NorthWest. I bought this to set up as a cover for a cooking and eating area in addition to my regular tent. It has 10 attachment points plus one in the middle. That’s 11 sewn fabric loops that are much more robust than a grommet. I believe it will last many years and can also serve as a shelter. It is light and compact. I am very happy with it.

Chemist, USA, Sil Tarp

Nice look and doesn’t have a crazy smell. Good size for kayaking.

Dr. Am, USA, Mariner Backpack

Better than traditional tent set up and excellent for backpacking. My girlfriend and I used this set up for the first time last weekend for an overnight hike/camping trip and it was great. Of course it started raining before we got to the camp site but the tarp was easy to set up, and huge! There is plenty of room under this thing to navigate and cook outside of the tent but out of the rain. It was big enough for the two of us to snuggle and sleep as well without discomfort. Set up is super easy and is very light compared to other tents in this price range is a definite must. Can’t wait to take it on longer hiking/camping trips.

Matthew, UK, West Coast Bivy

Works great, did a water check on it before white water trip and did great. I love the large reflective panel and light weight for cycling. Would fit best on a short person, less than 5’6” or so, I’m 5’11” so hip buckle fits a bit awkward.

HiAltMama’s, Canada, Sport 25