We have been designing and manufacturing the planet’s best waterproof gear since 1994.

Way back in the 1990’s, there was almost no waterproof gear available anywhere on earth. At that time, our company’s founder was travelling here and there, to and fro, adventuring all over this beautiful planet. His journeys were incredibly varied and exciting, and the stories that came from those adventures are simply awesome. There was just one problem – his gear kept getting wet!


He had to make a choice… either stay indoors for the rest of his life (if you met him, you’d get a good charge from that ridiculous thought), accept the realities of the marketplace and the limitations of his gear, or make his own waterproof gear. Fortunately for us all, and for the evolution of waterproof gear, he chose the latter.

Design and manufacturing began in a very humble manner, with our founder sitting on a beach in Thailand trying to configure a waterproof money belt out of some fabric and a roll of duct tape. Well, that first prototype worked out well enough to inspire the Aqua Quest brand, and while the actual physical sample is long gone, the concept lives on, and Aqua Quest has now emerged as the World Leader in Waterproof.


The industry has evolved a great deal over these last two decades, and we have very much enjoyed being a part of that evolution. We love gear, travel, and the great outdoors, and we embrace the challenge of coming up with fresh and innovative products each year. We also love to get feedback from our customers, so please get in touch and let us know what new gear designs you’d like to see for 2016!