Desiree and Jordan live full time aboard Atticus, their 30 foot sailboat, and are currently sailing and exploring the Western Caribbean. They believe you don’t need a lot of money to follow your dreams; all it takes is a lot of hard work. To watch more of their sailing adventures, check out their weekly episodes on Youtube at Sailing Project Atticus. 



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Bushcrafter | Wild Man | Slovenia
Angelo currently lives in the bush in Slovenia. He shares his stories and projects while on his wild adventures with his faithful adventure dog, Lana. After working in the corporate world for years, Angelo started pursuing his long time love of bushcraft,  enjoyed being one with himself in the wilderness. He realized that spending time outdoors was an essential part of who he was and was what he truly enjoyed doing. This realization lead Angelo to eventually quit his job, sell his house and belongings and give away most of his clothing; just keeping the essentials and outdoor gear, to live the wild life full time.

Bushcraft became his passion, and now his full-time job.

His project: BecomingWildman is about a journey into self-reliance.

“I’m traveling to learn and practice the skills of the common past. By using the knowledge of bushcraft, I roam and live in nature. Looking for a more simple, meaningful and adventurous lifestyle.”
Instagram: @becomingwildman
Favourite pieces of AQ gear: Defender King Camo Tarp, Sport 30 Backpack, Mummy Bivy Bag and Coastal Sunset Drybags



“Adventure harder”
Chuck is a Colorado native on a quest to travel further, explore more, and adventure harder. He’s a rock climber, mountain biker, fisherman, photographer, and all around adventure addict. Hoping to inspire others to follow in his footsteps, he takes every opportunity he can to discover new places and try new things.
Instagram: @chucklepley

Triathlete | SUP | Adventurer
Scott Ledrew is a living legend from the ‘old-school’ triathlon world. After growing up in a remote town in Newfoundland, Canada, Scott moved to Europe and started dominating the global triathlon circuit. After racing shoulder to shoulder against the likes of world famous triathletes like Lance Armstrong and Mark Allen, and even claiming some wins against Ironman legends Jurgen Zack, Wolfgang Deitrich, and 5 time World Champion Simon Lessing, among many others, Scott retired in his mid-twenties to live a life in pursuit of full-time travel and adventure. In 2012, Scott started The Newfoundland Adventure Company in Pasadena Newfoundland, where he spends most of his time during the Summer on the beach and lake doing what he loves most. He specializes in stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and cycling, offering tours, rentals, sales, and repairs. No matter what Scott is doing, you can guarantee he’s giving it all he’s got and then some.

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Emily grew up exploring the wild outdoors of Vancouver Island B.C. Canada where she was born and raised, and as the years go by her passion for adventure has grown immensely. She is a Registered Nurse and looking forward to spreading her wings to new places and experiences in this beautiful world. You canfind her in the mountains, on the coast, in the water, or in the heart of the forest. She’s always up for a challenge such as running the West Coast Trail or trying new things and facing her fears. Emily believes that adventure is what you make it and to make sure you live your dreams and live happy. She definitely lives her quest, and inspires others to live theirs too!
Instagram: @emily3iverson

Photographer | Explorer | Alberta
Jon is an amazing photographer and adventurer and is part of The Outbound Collective. We are proud to support his adventures with some gear he can count on out in the wild where he most enjoys taking photos. His photos capture the raw beauty and power of nature and through them he seeks to inspire others to get outdoors and to care for the natural world. We’re on board with that!

Instagram: @sinclair_photo

Traveler | Adventurer | Blogger
Seattle Dredge is an adventure travel blogger currently based in Southampton, Ontario. After spending four years travelling the world full time after University, Seattle has returned to Canada for some more full time local adventures in camping, hiking and hammocking around the country.
Instagram: @seattlestravels

Nick is on a life long mission to learn the primitive and traditional skills of bushcraft and live comfortably off the land. He’s proud to call the Boreal Forest of Northern Canada his home. He works with first nation communities, to help restore their culture and knowledge of the land. He uses Instagram to share his journey and hopes to inspire adventure and respect for the earth in others.
Instagram: @blackwaterbushcraft

Adventurer | Social Media Lover | Vancouver Island
Kayleen is west coast adventurer with a love for both the mountains and the ocean. She may dream big but she is not afraid to chase down those dreams and to live her quest. With the help of some Aqua Quest gear, Summer 2016, Kayleen and her Dad are sailing to Hawaii and back.

Instagram: @kayvdr
Favourite piece of gear: Sport 25 Pro and the White Water Duffles

Dentist | Explorer | California ↟↟
Tiffany was  selected as one of Instagram’s most inspirational outdoor women by The Outbound Collective

Instagram: @tiffpenguin

Having grown up in the Pacific North West, a passionate devotion for the outdoors and exploration comes naturally to Robby. Many days are spent in the pouring rain seeking out secluded areas, capturing their elegant beauty. At night you’ll find Robby out shooting the brilliance of the stars or uniquely highlighting mountains and waterfalls under the night sky. His nighttime photography has gained attention from online magazine Wilderness Culture, Business Insider and has landed him on Instagram’s explorer’s page more than once. He uses photography as a vessel to push himself to learn more and explore further, and even though he’s been to over a dozen countries, having the state of Oregon as his backyard is the perfect match for Robby and his passion.
Instagram: @robbyzabala

Backcountry Skiing Guide | Wildlife Tour Guide | British Columbia ↟↟
Fabien built his passion for the outdoors growing up in Chamonix in the French Alps. After more than a decade working office jobs he decided it was time to make his everyday job an outdoor adventure. He works as a backcountry skiing guide in the mountains of British Columbia during the winter months and cruising the waters of the Canadian West Coast guiding wildlife tours from Spring to Fall. From the ocean all the way up to the mountains, Fabien is a competent adventurer and knowledgeable guide.