Back in 1994, our founder faced a dilemma: Get wet, or get waterproof. Whether trekking in Nepal, mountain biking in China, or on some other exotic adventure, his kit kept getting soaked. His solution: Design the world's first waterproof money belt to keep his essentials safe and dry. That first AQ product proved a major hit, and more waterproof innovations soon followed. 25 years later, Curt's spirit of adventure, love of nature, and desire for functional and durable gear remains behind every product we create.


Our quest is to help you #LiveYourQuest. From outdoor adventures to wet urban centers, your quest isn’t going to slow down for a bit of water. Our wide range of waterproof gear will keep you and your stuff dry, no matter the conditions, helping you to have better experiences, more often!


Our primary waterproofing method starts with a lightweight and durable RipStop fabric, to which we apply a dual coating of TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) and DWR (Durable Water Repellent). This combination produces a lightweight material strong enough to hold a 66 ft vertical column of water before leaking. All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure you receive the most dependable and durable waterproof product available.


From our design team of gear-heads to our customer service gurus, we strive to meet your needs every step of the way. Expect exceptionally fast and friendly service every time you contact us. Our global headquarters is located on beautiful Vancouver Island, at 512 5th Street, Courtenay, BC, Canada. We also have offices in California, USA and Felixstowe, UK.


We try to do our part to make the world a bit of a better place. Some of our efforts include:

Minimizing Waste: We design and manufacture only high-quality, durable gear that doesn’t end up in a landfill after a short time. In 2015, we created a gear recycling program for high schools that use our old gear to teach and inspire kids.

Banning PVC: In 2019, we've stopped producing any products containing PVC.

Profit Sharing: We have a profit sharing pool that gives our employees a stake in the outcome, so we all share in our collective success.

Good Manufacturing Standards: We have been using the same manufacturing facility for over 20 years, and have always supported our workers and their families with above industry wages, a safe and clean workplace with plenty of natural light, fresh air, fair work hours and a healthy company culture.

Making Donations: We work with several charities and organizations, including gear donations to the Nepal Earthquake First Responders, financial contributions to our local children’s hospital, and community initiatives working for clean water and air.

Supporting Community Leaders: Our ambassador program allows us to support people doing amazing things, pursuing their dreams, and often helping others in the process. We are proud of the AQ tribe – they are world explorers, teachers, adventurers, advocates, survivalists, athletes, travelers, and young up-and-comers!